Educational and Environmental Programs at Exnihilo

Artist Programs:

Artist in Residence:

Connecting with visiting students as well as the local community, the awarded resident’s stay is one month and includes all lodging and meals. In return the artist in residence will be asked to lead a workshop in their chosen medium, demonstrate their work to local students, and participate in an exhibition or concert of their completed work at the end of their stay. Artist in residence is a scholarship program.

Emerging Artists; Stay & Play:

Artists that consider themselves at the beginning of their journey have the opportunity to "stay and play" at Exnihilo Art Center. This program is not restricted to skill level but instead the willingness to explore your chosen medium or try various mediums available at Exnihilo. Stay & Play is a pay as you go program.

Artist Study Abroad; Student to Student:

Partnering with various schools and organizations students of high school & college age will be paired with a Bahamian student and have the opportunity to explore a chosen art form while learning about the bahamian culture. Student to Student is a tuition based program.

Exnihilo Workshops:

An ongoing short term program, Exnihilo Workshops will host visiting instructors of various mediums to teach students of any age. Fused Glass, Silversmithing, Ceramics, Plein Air and even Strawcraft from the original families of The Bahamas. Exnihilo Workshops is a pay as you go program.


JUNK-A-NEW Programs

Junk-a-new: Transforming Junk into Art:

An innovative sculpture program that solves an ongoing environmental issue on Long Island. Accumulation of abandoned vehicles (cars, planes), and various metal items clutter the island and threaten to overwhelm its natural beauty. Illegal ocean dumping by passing cruise ships cause beautiful beaches to be polluted with trash. The Exnihilo Junk-A-New program promotes awareness and education while transforming the unwanted refuse into works of art. In collaboration with the community of Long Island, artists at Exnihilo will create “something out of nothing”.

Junk-a-new Costume Build:

Honoring Traditions of the Past with Solutions of the Present Playing on the traditional Bahamian festival of Junkanoo, Junk-a-new Costume Build, unites recycling with the traditional art of the Junkanoo costume. Aimed at the youth of Long Island, where there is an absence of this festival, this program hopes to educated and reinforce this important Bahamian heritage while raising awareness to environmental issues. Each year Exnihilo will sponsor a contest in which participants create a Junkanoo costume using only recycled materials. The winning recycled Junk-a-New costume will be displayed at the Exnihilo Gallery on Long Island with the possibility of being displayed at the Junkanoo Museum in Nassau.


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