Blair Anderson

Silversmith, Painter

Blair began her artistic journey as a silversmith creating wearable art. She then moved into digital design, photography and graphics. In 2002 she founding the online stock resource, which had members from every continent and features the work of over 30 artists. Constantly exploring creative options, over the years Blair has explored ceramics, glass, welding and other sculptural forms.

Her present focus is SilverWorks Studio and Gallery which she established in 2009 upon being accepted as an artist in residence at Glen Echo Park just outside Washington DC. The focus of SilverWorks has been teaching others the art form that has been her first love. Her annual one woman show has become an event in the Washington DC area as she takes jewelry forms beyond mere adornment, but as vehicles for storytelling, philosophical and historical exploration.

Blair's work has been shown in over 30 galleries across the USA and Canada, and has won awards for her innovation and creative use of the form.

You can learn more about Blair at, and

Bryan Anderson

Musician, Digital Media Creative

Bryan has had a several creative lives. As a French Horn player, he's been a commercial musician in Los Angeles, and the member of a wind quintet in western Canada. He's been on both sides of the microphone in studios in Los Angeles, Canada, Florida, Washington DC and Nashville as a performer, recording engineer, producer, and arranger. Starting with the traditional calligraphy pen and now using computer software, his music preparation skills have been used for films in Hollywood and albums in London. He spent two decades as a choral director, arranger and creative director for churches in the USA and Canada, and has produced music materials for Roland, Hal Leonard, and Disney.

Recent years have seen Bryan shift into digital media as the Director of Art and Media Production for the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. There, Bryan directs the production of video, animation, and audio resources for high end e-learning products in over 60 languages.

During his spare time, Bryan has been an internet entrepreneur and a small business owner. His greatest rewards have come from being a dad and husband.

You can learn more about Bryan at

Daniel Anderson

Painter, Author, Visualist

Daniel AndersonAfter growing up in a creative household, there was little double that Daniel would end up with artistic abilities. Like Bryan and Blair, Daniel works in multiple art forms. After studying painting at the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), he moved to Arizona to live in an urban experiment in the desert. There he leveraged his visual skills as a web and print designer. He next found himself practicing circus arts in Tuscon while continuing his work as a web designer for the Arizona Geologic Survey.

Life took Daniel to the San Francisco area where Apple, Stanford, MoovWeb, and Fuse Project have all leveraged his skills as both a designer and coder. He's a developer for the Leap motion control device and is a performing VJ in the Bay area creating innovative image mapped visual experiences.

Daniel is a published author and a great digeridoo player.  You can learn more about daniel at


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